The Pub Club. Ballykilcavan Pale Ale by the fireside at The Welcome Inn, Portlaoise.
Ballykilcavan Pale Ale by the fireside at The Welcome Inn, Portlaoise.

The Pub Club is a social group in Ireland that meets in the pub. It’s about appreciating local pubs and meeting new people over a pint. We organise nights or afternoons out in a local pub, where everybody is welcome to come along. You can bring a friend if you like, drink at your own pace and leave whenever you want.

Another aspect of the group is to promote local breweries and distilleries where possible (although people can of course drink whatever they like on a night out!).

You can find more information on what the pub club is about here.

There is currently one Pub Club in Portlaoise — do contact us (see below) if you are interested in starting your own Pub Club. We’ll do our best to help you out.

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The blog covers any pub or drink-related topics. It is open to all to contribute: pub owners, brewery/distillery employees, beer/whiskey enthusiasts or just anybody with anything to say about pubs, beer, whiskey or anything in between! After all, we would love the blog to include a wide range of topics from as many different people as possible!

You can find all of our blog posts here and, in addition, we have a list of blog post categories here.

If you would like to contribute a post to the blog, please contact us at or on social media. Posts of any length are welcome.


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